Do you offer domain and hosting?

No. We’re experts when it comes to the setup of the site itself, from content to design and development. We work with partners that provide domains and hosting for your sites. For more information click here.

Do you block bots and/or spiders?

By default, we don’t. That’s one of the options once you get to the checkout stage of our site. We’ll only block bots if you ask us to. We use a combination of plugins and custom .htaccess files to block spiders.

Do you use spun content?

No! There’s nothing worst than spun content. We don’t use if for our own sites and we’d never used it for our clients. Our content is written by professional fluent writers that go through our niche research and content writing process.

Which inner pages do we build?

Apart from the blog posts, every website has an about page, contact, and auto generated legal pages. We also build at least one extra page, like services, tools, resources, events, etc…

Which payment options do you accept?

At the moment, we only accept PayPal and Stripe (debit and credit cards) payments through our site. If you’d like to pay through bank transfer, please get in touch with us, here.

How do you avoid footprints?

There are a lot of things that we do to avoid footprints. We’re now using over 50 different variables that we randomly select before building the PBNs, this ensures that all aspects of the PBN setup are as random as possible.

Some of these variables include, content structure, URL structure, publishing dates, themes, plugins, featured images, and so much more. All of these random variables that are part of our setup, plus the randomness of the team members involved with each build, help us avoid setup footprints.